#CW3 Black Carriage Candle Warmer Lantern

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We have 3 of these placed around our home here in Maine! Love them! I have one in the bathroom which also makes a great night light, one in my office, and one in our living room! It always smells like a primitive gift shop at our home! There is a warming light bulb at the top of the lantern that melts the top of the candle to safely release the candles fragrance. A flameless, safe, clean and convenient way to enjoy a candle. Unlike traditional candles that release the scent by warming them from the bottom up, this candle warmer releases fragrances right from the top. Pleasing scents are released into your home just minutes after turning on this lamp. Ideal for home, office, dorm room or bathroom. 25-watt bulb included. Measures 7"x7"x13" tall. CANDLE SOLD SEPARATELY***