#BLFKM 🐝 Bee Line Art Tools Fabric Cutter Kit Maker

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The BEST Cutter on the market! Precision engineered and attractively designed. The Bee Line Art Tools Fabric Cutter Kit Maker attaches easily to a variety of work surfaces. Cassettes snap into place and in seconds you are cutting perfect fabric strips. *[This Fabric Cutter Kit Maker comes with a Cutter Caddy Case, Brush, Hex Wrench and one Long Cutter Cassette of your choice!] The long cassettes go with the kit maker. This long cutter cuts more fabric at one time...Great for the hooker who hooks alot and for persons cutting wool ofr kits! Select option size when ordering. The smaller the # the thinner the fabric strips you will get for smaller details in rug hooking...The larger #s 8-10 are more for the primitive look when cutting wool for hooking! Extra of these longer cassette cartridges can be found by searching on our website in the search bar item #BLFCKMC9