#BRBBS75 BellaRyan Silver Initial "Y" Adjustable Bracelet

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IT'S Who You Are! Love these! ♥️ Fashionable adjustable bangle bracelets that tell a story!  Create your own story by choosing the perfect bangle charm bracelets of who you are...I personally own several like Mom, Sister, Grandmother, Aquarius, The Initial T for Tammy, The Maine Moose "I live in Maine" and have received several as gifts such as Best Friend, Love You To The Moon And Back....etc. Wear more than one at a time for that elegant look. I love the sound when they clang together when I wear more than one at a time.....Bracelets are made of brass and have a vintage silver and gold finish. Our products should not be worn while bathing or swimming. Perfumes should not be sprayed directly on our product and lotions should have time to dry. Always use a soft damp cloth if your jewelry needs cleaning. SRP 17.99