#CM99 Buttered Maple Syrup Candle & Reed Diffuser

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A blend of sugary maple syrup and warm butter.
Our 26-ounce candles have a burn time of 120-140 hours. The 64 ounce jar candle has four lead-free wicks and it typically burns for around 200 hours.  Each candle is made with a very clean burning, blended paraffin wax which allow us to add the maximum amount of fragrance. The jar candle features a scent specific label and two lead-free wicks.
Crossroads Original Reed Diffusers offer 8-10 weeks of fragrant comfort. Use our diffusers anywhere you can't or don't want to burn candles. Alcohol free for a more concentrated scent. Includes 4-ounce bottle of fragrance, a decorative black collar, 8 natural reeds and our signature rusted star.

Great for dorm rooms, bathroom, bedroom, foyer. Anywhere you need an extra boost of freshness. Long lasting fragrance, packaged for gift-giving.

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