#HS22 Primitive Soy Blend Candle "Pine Star Shine" (Made In USA)

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Pine Star Shine is the name of this candle and the scent is a natural woodsy blend of a pine forest. Blended with several fresh pine scents together, including some woody spice to create the best blend. It will smell like you just went out to cut down a fresh Christmas tree for your home to decorate with ornaments and with fresh greens throughout your home. The Vintage Christmas tree on the label that ‘wraps’ around the jar is a traditionally decorated Christmas Tree.

64 ounce large half gallon jar that will burn for at least 400 hours. It has two wicks and will “glow” through the spice coating! It’s a “Centerpiece” jar, that will definitely add scent and ambiance to your home. 24 ounce jar burns for at least 110 hours and will glow through the jar. The 16 ounce jar will burn for approximately 95 hours.