#LTSE Mizz C’ Orona V. Iris Mouse 🐭 (Made In USA)

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Over 100 Sold in 12 weeks! Meet Mizz C’ Orona V. Iris!  How cute is she pushing her cart filled with toilet paper...Would hate to see the sad look on her face when she gets to the register and finds out there’s a limit 2 rolls to a customer! She will help you survive 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic! Her charm, and comforting smile will get you through tough times ♥️Measures approximately 8"-9" tall. She will come with the tag in photo 2. Another Whimsical, Witty Creation by Lana Testa! A true Masterpiece and awesome collector piece!  ♥️First 12 Sold out fast!  Second 12 Sold out again! Third 12 sold out again! Forth 12 sold out again!  12 more Back In Stock! ♥️ Red check dress may vary slightly