#PSKK11 Primitive Chunky Gatherings "Apple Krisp Kringle" 🍎 Scented Potpourri In Bushel Basket

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Love this scent!  Smells AMAZING!!! This chunky Potpourri is the exact scent of a fresh baked apple pie. Sniff sniff Mmmmm! A customers favorite! You will receive a generous heaping 2 cups of this highly scented chunky potpourri filled with assorted botanicals. Pods may vary slightly due to availability. 1 oz. Refresher oil and 4 ounce Linen Room Refresher Sprays are available in the drop down menu for refreshing this potpourri and your rooms.🎃 BUSCHEL BASKET MEASURES 4.5, TALL, 6" TALL WITH THE HANDLE. Top measures 5.25" across the top.