#TWP2 Primitive Cloth Buckets (Three Sizes) (Made In USA)

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Add a touch of olde style primitive, rustic, farmhouse decor to your home with these handmade cloth buckets! Made of cotton osnaburg and muslin fabric, each are hand dyed and lightly stiffened for decorative purposes or light storage handling. Each have a wire handle for hanging, and vintage buttons on either side add to their charm. Perfect for little bits and bobs, yarn, clothes pins, florals, the options are endless! Hand dyed to primitive perfection, levels of staining may vary and leave each one truly unique, no two will ever be the same! The small bucket measures approximately 5.75”T   x 5”W, medium bucket is 7”T x 7.5”W and the large bucket is 8”T x 8.75”W. Handmade in the USA! Contents are not included*

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