#WL9 Primitive Colonial Cordless Battery Operated Window Candle Light

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#1 Seller Love these!!!! They are in all our windows!!!! Nice bright light and NO MESSY CORDS!!!! :) The tradition of having a candle in the window is a common tradition that dates back to colonial times. Candles often evokes the warmth of home and family ❤️... The lit candle was also placed in the window as a sign of good news or as a beacon to weary travelers. Built in daily timer turns candle on for 6 hrs every evening. This candle stick is adjustable to 10"-12" and comes on an antiqued bronze base. The Base measures almost 2 1/2” wide.  The bulb is a Dual sided bulb for softer light inside your home and brighter light outside ambiance. Bulbs last up 100,000 hours. Lasts 30 days on 1 set of 4 AA batteries.