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#AVC6 Primitive "EVERGREEN CITRUS" Americana Vintage Candles (Made In USA) #1 Seller

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This candle is green and spiced on the outside and a cream colored center! Beautiful as this burns down! AMAZING PRIMITIVE CANDLES!!!!! Americana Vintage Candles are some of the BEST Candles EVER!!!! Made from premium grade highly scented oils and rolled in herbs and spices! Highly scented and Amazing scents! Perfect to display in old dough bowls or tuck one in an old cupboard. I have one burning in my kitchen on my old stove board! I promise you will NOT be disappointed! The candles burn in making a well as they burn so no worries about messy wax. Later you can break they wax candle shell into pieces and use the wax in your tart burners. Measures 5 1/2 x 5 and burn for 155 hours