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1803 Candles "14 OUNCE JAR"

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BACK IN STOCK!!!! The perfect size jar! Great for gift giving! 14 oz. Soy Jar Candle, Burn Time Approximately 80 Hours.

★1803 HOUSE - Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Orange, Brown Sugar & Vanilla

★APPLE BUTTER HOUSE - Baked Apples, Creamy Butter, Ground Cloves & Spice

★BISCUITS & HONEY - Warm Biscuits, Fresh Butter  & Honey

★BELIEVE - Cinnamon, warm spices, and the scent of honey 

★BOURBON SANDALWOOD- Vanilla Bourbon and Spice Embers of Sandalwood

BUTTERED RUM - Reminiscent of simpler times...(dark rum blended with butter, sugar and cloves) 

★CABIN ON THE HILL - Simple and peaceful...(woody spice, firewood and greens)

★ CARAMEL HONEY PEAR - White Pear, Brown Sugar, Honey & Bourbon

CIDER MILL - Cider Mill open for tasting...

★CORNBREAD & HONEY - There's something about cornbread folks eat it mornin, noon and night...

★CRANBERRY CUPBOARD - Old cranberry cupboard shows it 's age...cranberry and cinnamon 

★FARM FLOWERS- Carefree blooms bursting with the fresh scents of wisteria, peony and lilac

★FARMHOUSE - Custard With Caramelized Sugar

★FAMILY EVERYTHING-  Aromatic cardamom spice with woody vanilla swirled together with a small amount of musk

★FRIENDSHIP - Old friends are never far away...spice box spices with warm pie crust

★GOOD Ol' APPLE PIE - Spiced apples and pie dough

★ GRAHAM CRACKER CRUMBLE- Butter, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cardamon & Caramel

★GRANDMA'S KITCHEN - Needful fixin's for baking...fresh oatmeal cookie

★GRANDPA'S TREES -  Woodsy Pine Scent

★GRATED CINNAMON - Ground cinnamon wrapped in brown paper...(cinnamon stick with bakery notes)

★HARVEST AT THE FARM - A sweet kitchen scent of dough rising, cloves and
spices, with molasses, pumpkin and squash.

★HOME BY THE FIRE- Aromatic Forest Greens, Fireplace Woods, Clove, Musk & Sandlewood

★HOME SWEET HOME -  Vanilla Bean, Spice, and Juicy Raisins

★ KINDERED SPIRIT- Vanilla rum cake topped with sweet praline strudel, sprinkles of nutmeg, cinnamon, crunchy gingersnaps and a buttercream glaze.

★LAVENDER LEMONGRASS- Healing Lemon & Calming Lavender

★LEMON DROP COOKIES - Reminiscent of simpler times...(sugar cookies with lemon zest)

★LETS STAY HOME - warm strudel and spice

★MAPLE SUGAR HOUSE - The maple butter is just a boil'n in the old shack out back...

★MOM'S KITCHEN- A place where everyone gathers anytime of day...(creamy caramel, nuts and spice)

★MOUNTAIN HIKE - Sweet balsam and spruce

★NORTHWOODS CABIN - With the breeze you can smell the berries, the leaves and the trees in the forest...

★NUTMEG & GINGER - Spicy Ginger & Sweet Nutmeg

★NUTTY PUMPKIN WAFFLES - NEW A fall favorite that brings everyone to the breakfast table...(pecans, pumpkin and buttery batter)

★PUMPKIN CORNBREAD - Nannies recipe books say's to add a pinch of honey.

★SPICE BOX - The spice box hangs in the summer kitchen with ground cinnamon, clove buds, nutmeg and allspice...

★TAVERN MAPLE - Barrel Aged Maple Bourbon, Savory Maple Spoon Bread

★BELIEVE - Spicy Cinnamon, Honey, Cardamon, Earthy Cedar & A Touch of Fir Sprigs

★BLUEBERRY CINNAMON BUN - Baked Cinnamon Buns & Wild Blueberries

★COOKIES FOR ST. NICK - The Scent of Snickerdoodle Cookies backing in The Oven

★PINE NEEDLES & BERRIES - The Scent of Cranberries & Sweet Cinnamon

★SLEIGHBELLS & SNOWFLAKES - A Deep Rick Vanilla and A Hint of Peppermint

★YULETIDE CINNAMON -The Scent of Cinnamon Ornaments Baking In The Oven

★MISTLETOE KISSES-A bold, perfected union of fresh pine and cedar boughs gathered with bright red berries Mistletoe Kisses is a top seller for your beloved holiday! Same scent as Northwoods Cabin

★NORTHWOODS CABIN - With the breeze you can smell the berries, the leaves and the trees in the forest..

★BLACK TEA + LEMON SLICE-  Sitting on the front porch, watching the crops sway in the breeze as the sun shines down… There isn’t anything quite like enjoying a cool glass of tea on a warm summer afternoon.

★BREAD PUDDING + BOURBON BUTTER- Bread Pudding is a dessert I need help to pass up. The candle is divine and will fill your home with cozy goodness.

★FRASER FIR  & TOBACCO- This fragrance unfolds with a crisp blend of Fraser fir and woodsy cardamom topped with warm amber. A beautiful scent that can be enjoyed any time of year by men and women alike.

★CRAB APPLE FARM- Picking apples at the orchard on a sunny fall afternoon is one of our favorite activities. The jucy and tart blend of Crab Apple Farm will transport you to the days of autumn without having to leave your cozy nest. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! ♥️