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1803 Candles "14 OUNCE JAR"

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BACK IN STOCK!!!! The perfect size jar! Great for gift giving! 14 oz. Soy Jar Candle, Burn Time Approximately 80 Hours.

★1803 HOUSE - Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Orange, Brown Sugar & Vanilla

★APPLE BUTTER HOUSE - Baked Apples, Creamy Butter, Ground Cloves & Spice

★BISCUITS & HONEY - Warm Biscuits, Fresh Butter  & Honey

★BELIEVE - Cinnamon, warm spices, and the scent of honey 

★BOURBON SANDALWOOD- Vanilla Bourbon and Spice Embers of Sandalwood

BUTTERED RUM - Reminiscent of simpler times...(dark rum blended with butter, sugar and cloves) 

★CABIN ON THE HILL - Simple and peaceful...(woody spice, firewood and greens)

★ CARAMEL HONEY PEAR - White Pear, Brown Sugar, Honey & Bourbon

CIDER MILL - Cider Mill open for tasting...

★CORNBREAD & HONEY - There's something about cornbread folks eat it mornin, noon and night...

★CRANBERRY CUPBOARD - Old cranberry cupboard shows it 's age...cranberry and cinnamon 

★FARM FLOWERS- Carefree blooms bursting with the fresh scents of wisteria, peony and lilac

★FARMHOUSE - Custard With Caramelized Sugar

★FAMILY EVERYTHING-  Aromatic cardamom spice with woody vanilla swirled together with a small amount of musk

★FRIENDSHIP - Old friends are never far away...spice box spices with warm pie crust

★GOOD Ol' APPLE PIE - Spiced apples and pie dough

★ GRAHAM CRACKER CRUMBLE- Butter, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cardamon & Caramel

★GRANDMA'S KITCHEN - Needful fixin's for baking...fresh oatmeal cookie

★GRANDPA'S TREES -  Woodsy Pine Scent

★GRATED CINNAMON - Ground cinnamon wrapped in brown paper...(cinnamon stick with bakery notes)

★HARVEST AT THE FARM - A sweet kitchen scent of dough rising, cloves and
spices, with molasses, pumpkin and squash.

★HOME BY THE FIRE- Aromatic Forest Greens, Fireplace Woods, Clove, Musk & Sandlewood

★HOME SWEET HOME -  Vanilla Bean, Spice, and Juicy Raisins

★ KINDERED SPIRIT- Vanilla rum cake topped with sweet praline strudel, sprinkles of nutmeg, cinnamon, crunchy gingersnaps and a buttercream glaze.

★LAVENDER LEMONGRASS- Healing Lemon & Calming Lavender

★LEMON DROP COOKIES - Reminiscent of simpler times...(sugar cookies with lemon zest)

★LETS STAY HOME - warm strudel and spice

★MAPLE SUGAR HOUSE - The maple butter is just a boil'n in the old shack out back...

★MOM'S KITCHEN- A place where everyone gathers anytime of day...(creamy caramel, nuts and spice)

★MOUNTAIN HIKE - Sweet balsam and spruce

★NORTHWOODS CABIN - With the breeze you can smell the berries, the leaves and the trees in the forest...

★NUTMEG & GINGER - Spicy Ginger & Sweet Nutmeg

★NUTTY PUMPKIN WAFFLES - NEW A fall favorite that brings everyone to the breakfast table...(pecans, pumpkin and buttery batter)

★PUMPKIN CORNBREAD - Nannies recipe books say's to add a pinch of honey.

★SPICE BOX - The spice box hangs in the summer kitchen with ground cinnamon, clove buds, nutmeg and allspice...

★TAVERN MAPLE - Barrel Aged Maple Bourbon, Savory Maple Spoon Bread

★BELIEVE - Spicy Cinnamon, Honey, Cardamon, Earthy Cedar & A Touch of Fir Sprigs

★BLUEBERRY CINNAMON BUN - Baked Cinnamon Buns & Wild Blueberries

★COOKIES FOR ST. NICK - The Scent of Snickerdoodle Cookies backing in The Oven

★PINE NEEDLES & BERRIES - The Scent of Cranberries & Sweet Cinnamon

★SLEIGHBELLS & SNOWFLAKES - A Deep Rick Vanilla and A Hint of Peppermint

★YULETIDE CINNAMON -The Scent of Cinnamon Ornaments Baking In The Oven

★MISTLETOE KISSES-A bold, perfected union of fresh pine and cedar boughs gathered with bright red berries Mistletoe Kisses is a top seller for your beloved holiday! Same scent as Northwoods Cabin

★NORTHWOODS CABIN - With the breeze you can smell the berries, the leaves and the trees in the forest..