#PWC2 Primitive Dusk to Dawn Sensor Window Candle #1 SELLER BACK IN STOCK!

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We love using primitive battery opperated candles in our windows here at home and in our stores! Place these in your windows for that old colonial home look and feel! These are sensor lights that automatically go on at dust and turn off at dawn. No messy electrical cords to look at. ;) Turn the candle upside down and back up right to change the warm white flame to an amber colored light. They can stay on or they can flicker. 🔥 These measure 6” tall and use 2 C Batteries. These candles will enhance the beauty of your home. BACK IN STOCK!  

- 1" X 6" candle measures

-1 3/4” wide x 6” long base measures

- Dusk / Dawn sensor
- Battery life up to 540 hours
- Requires 2 "C" batteries- not included