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 Museum Quality Redware!  When we went to one of our trade shows, We walk by this booth of Pottery made by Greg and Mary Shooner and were drawn in by the warm tones and unique designs. We spoke with them and they were eager to tell us their love for pottery and the art of making Museum Quality Redware! Both Greg and his wife Mary design and make this awesome pottery....They totally complement each other!  What a team they are! 

Greg and Mary Shooner are recognized as the foremost redware potters in the country! Their redware is so accurate, that museums have been fooled by their aging process. 

This is the finest, most authentic redware available.

“We invest so much care into producing each piece for one reason only.....We love it! We sincerely hope you do too.” Greg Shooner & Mary Spellmire-Shooner

***Please note that if you see chips or scrapes, blemishes, and other imperfections that this is how the antiquing process is done to give that "old aged feel" and is part of the look. This Pottery is not food safe*~decorative only*

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