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Black Crow Candles are amazing long lasting, clean and slow burning, and scented to the very bottom. Creating one of the best candles on the market today!

1821-Sweet Caramel and Pralines

Apple Jack and Peel-Fresh Apple, Cinnamon and Clove

Blueberry Cobbler-Blueberries With Vanilla And Sweet Cream

Brown Sugar-Brown Sugar with a Hint of Maple

Caramel Apple-Juicy Apples Dipped In Sweet Caramel (NEW

Cinnamon Apple-Red ripe apples sprinkled with cinnamon

Cinnamon Stix-Fresh ground cinnamon

Clove-Aroma of fresh cloves

Country Cupboard-Butter, Butterscotch, Caramel and Cream

Cranberry Nut-BreadSpicy cranberry with a touch of cinnamon

Early Goods-Homemade Cinnamon Strudel (New)

Early Spice Cake-Pumpkin, Butter ream & Cloves

Farmers Market-Sweet Aroma of Fresh Pumpkins, Cinnamon & Vanilla (New)

Farmhouse-Cinnamon, Cloves & A Touch Of Musk

Gathering Room-Creamy Vanilla Pudding Mixed With Sweet Vanilla

Grandma’s Kitchen-Creamy Vanilla With A Touch Of Cinnamom

Hillbilly Homebrew-Spicy hot mulled cider

Homestead Fixens-Scents of Home Cooking Spices

Keeping Room-Apples, Yams, Marshmallows,  With Connamon & Cloves (New)

Lavender Vanilla-The Aroma of Lavender Flowers Mixed With Sweet Vanilla

Log Cabin-Mix Of Pine & Spices

Mulled Cider-Warm Cider With Cloves & Cinnamon

Orange Clove-Fresh Oranges Topped With Cloves

Pearamel-Baked Pears covered in caramel sauce 

Prairie Butter-Sweet aroma of homemade apple butter

Primitive Blend-Sweet blend of baking spices

Pumpkin Patch-Warm Pumpkin Pie right out of the oven

Root Cellar-Nutmeg, Ginger, Cloves & Crushed Vanilla Beans (New)

Simpler Thyme-Rich Nutmeg & Cream

Spiced Clove-Apple Dumplings Sprinkled With Nutmeg, Cloves & Cinnamon 

Salted Caramel-A great warm salted Caramel scent

Christmas Thyme-Spicy Holiday Scent

Santa Snacks - Sweet buttery cookie