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#BLQJ Black Label Quart Jar Candle- MADE IN USA!

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Black Label Quart Jar Candles are 32 ounces of pure goodness!  Hand poured in Indiana, these are high quality wax candles with top notch scents.  Many scents will remind you of days gone by.  The aromas range from simmering spices, home baked goodness, to a fire in the hearth.  These are sure to please!

  • Butter Churn – fresh churned, sweet creamery butter
  • Buttered Bourbon – pure buttery maple syrup with sweet Tennessee Bourbon
  • Cabin Cake – from the hearth, sweet potato and molasses
  • Cafe – fresh brewed coffee and vanilla cream
  • Caramel Candy Apple-a childhood favorite
  • Cinnamon Apples-memories of simpler time
  • Cinnamon Bread – fresh baked bread, swirled with cinnamon
  • Cornbread & Apple Butter – sweet apple butter spread on buttery cornbread
  • Cornbread & Honey – grandma’s sweet buttery cornbread
  • Cranberry Tea – cozy cup of spicy, orange, cranberry tea
  • Cupboard Keep – sweet crunchy apples, drenched in buttery caramel
  • Hearth Bread -warm, fresh baked bread
  • Homespun – a warm blend of spice, butterscotch and rum
  • Keeping Room – cozy & primitive, smoky & sweet
  • Mom’s Sugar Cookie-fresh from the oven
  • Old English Toffee-salty, buttery caramel layered in chocolate
  • Old Glory – sweet cream & fresh blueberries
  • Root Cellar-the simplest baked pumpkin pie-you can even smell the crust
  • Spiced Cupboard – cozy blend of your favorite spices
  • Strawberry Rhubarb – fresh sliced strawberries & tart rhubarb
  • Sweet Corn Pudding – creamy, buttery baked comfort food
  • Sweet Potato Pie – baked sweet potatoes smothered in brown sugar & cinnamon
  • Whiskey Barrel & Tobacco – sweet tobacco blended with Kentucky


  • Black Cauldron-The Good Witch’s Brew-spicy caramel apple cider
  • Cornbread & Apple Butter-sweet apple butter spread on buttery cornbread (sells year round)
  • Root Cellar-the simplest baked pumpkin pie-you can even smell the crust (sells year round)
  • White Pumpkin-sweet, spicy pumpkin & creamy buttery vanilla


  • Christmas Eve-a festive blend of orange peel, cinnamon sticks & apple slices
  • Fresh Cut Fir-fresh sprigs of Balsam Fir
  • Old World Santa-delicious buttery cookies sprinkled with fine sugar
  • Simmering Christmas-apples and brown sugar simmering on the stove