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HLB Hurricane Candle Warmer Lamp - Black

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Love these candle warmer lanterns!!! Love the glow it gives the jar candle!!! Makes a great night light too! ♥️ I have these in several rooms in my home!!! My home always smells like a primitive gift shop!!! As the candle wax melts down, simply pour out the melted wax and continue to melt down the scented wax in the jar. You can always add wax tarts to the jar as it empties to freshen, or just swap a new jar of any scent you choose!!!  Black Hurricane Lamp is a decorative alternative to lighting candles and still enjoying the wonderful aromas!  Great for powder rooms, college dorms, retirement homes or just about anywhere in your home! 

Accommodates most jar candles 18 oz or smaller and up to 6" tall.

SPECS: Overall dimensions are 6.4"x6.4"x14". Cord is 3ft with roller switch on cord for easy on/off. NP5 bulb included.

#NP1 is the item number for replacement bulbs.